Amazing Factsseems Sometimes it that you have seen so much in this life: and that nothing will be able to surprise you ever again.

 BUT then you accidentally overheard someone say mentions something amazing, like the fact that snails have 14,000 teeth. Yes, you’ve heard right – snails! 

 Amazing Facts you amaze -

 Did you know, for example, that honey never goes off, an octopus has three hearts, and on Saturn, I think Jupiter, rain is made from diamonds?

 Oh, the world is such an amazing place! we picked out a few more curious facts for you – here are 25 Strange True Facts That Will Shock You.



the amazing fact - then you accidentally overheard someone mentioned something, amazing fact, like the fact that snails have14,000 feet yes, you heard right? Snails.

list of amazing facts of the world-

Oh... the world is such an amazing  fact place, I think we picked out a few more curious facts for you here are 25 strange

 but true facts that will shock you amazing Facts  25  honey never goes off Not after one year, not after two 

ever archaeologists have often found pots of honey thousands of years old that are yet still preserved this food can last forever

AMAZING FACT (23 ) -  the turritopsis outrival jellyfish is the only known organism on Earth,

 which is biologically immortalized, they can live forever the only known way they can die is if they can get consumed by another fish.

amazing facts about - HUMANS number ( 22 )

 the heart of a blue whale is so massive the human being can swim through its arteries and veinsHonestly, 

it is hard to imagine,  the blue whale is the largest animal that ever lived, and larger than the biggest dinosaur.

 facts number ( 21 )Yet the throat of a blue whale is no bigger than a sauce, therefore, it cant follow anything wider than a beach ball.

 fact number 20Every person in the world there are around 1.6 million ants overall weight of all

 these ants are equal to the combined weight of the world's human population sounds a little bit scary doesn't impact.

 number facts- ( 19 )- What a lucky guy! An octopus has three hearts two of them loose lug beyond,

 and the skills of the third one keep circulation flowing to the fact the live organ three hearts. 

AMAZING FACT Fatc number ( 18 ) originally banks play and with the arts of chanting an appropriate,

 I think the place for that right funeral ceremony and rituals are generally taken very seriously in Chinese culture.

 fact number 17 on Saturn and Jupiter rain is made from diamonds sounds like a fantasy but that's true. 

Well, unfortunately, but this miracle happens 1.2 billion and kilometers away from.

AMAZING FACT (16  ) big screen now look at this amazing picture this is what the sky would look

 like if Jupiter was the same distance from the earth as the moon just wow.

amazing facts about humans body Fact number (15)

 There are 10 times more bacteria in the human body than there are cells, fortunately, 

Bacteria do a lot to keep us healthy it means our lives are more closely linked to the fact -  the microbial world that we used to think in fact.

number fact- 14 - How many glasses of water do you drink per day? 3 before here is a surprising fact amazing.

  the Likelihood is a glass of water and youre drinking contains a molecule of waterThat once passed through a dinosaur it is about 100 percent [Fax] 

fact ( 13) - the amazing- the Frankenstein was the name of the creator not the monster in the story, and  Mr.Frankenstein built,

 the creature in his laboratory through the method consisting of chemistry and alchemy back to.

fact number (12) fact the Catfish have27,000 tastebuds, and this is [1] times more than and what human beings have we have only 7,000 of them back.

amazing facts number( 11 )- now what do you think this is an idea? This is actually science, what sand looks like under a microscope Saxe

 number [10] fact a stereotypical Goldfish Bowl is actually the worst kind of home for the theme of the reasons is the fact that goldfish requires a lot of [oxygen]

 a goldfish bowl is just too small doesn't have enough surface area to properly aerated sacks.

amazing facts for students- number nine (09 )

- Reading is for lighting or using a sphere in the dark does not, in fact, have any negative effects on your vision study published in.

 the British [medical] journal revealed I think that reading it for lighting does not and damage your eyes however it might cause eye strain, Max.

 number light amazing (08 )  Oxford University is older than Aztec Empire Oxford university

 was found in 1096 and in the Aztec civilization in1325This means that oxford university is at least [200] Years older than the Aztecs Empire.

amazing Fact number  (07) in Cyprus Santa Claus is called Basel he is also called St. Basil the great fact

 FACTS number six (06) - no one has ever but managed to tame an African elephant and  Indian elephants have been domesticated for centuries humans use.

 they for different Sorts of things however African elephants are still wild do you have any idea? Why share your friends and thoughts in the comments below? Sack.

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situated at the center of India, hot which is why it is otherwise called the heart of India AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind!

small amazing facts

 number five FACT  (05)- you know that a candle can burn in zero gravity actually it can but the flame looks a bit different here is what a candle looks like when.

 it burns on Earth here is how it burns in zero Gravity as being on and the space station spheres according to scientist candles that burn for

 [10] minutes on [Earth] to do the flame for up to 45 minutes on the space station may.

 number fact AMAZING [4] the lack of space makes people see enemies all, and around them, according to scientists those people have trouble reading.

 facial expressions such as scales or files that's why you become unable to differentiate ana between the friend and an enemy max.

amazing number (03)-  the wrinkles that appear on I think the skin of your hands after taking a bath,

 for example, play an important role this phenomenon is caused by the fact that when your body and encounters fact 'a' increased. 

the amount of moisture it understands the environment Icy slippery the skin on your hands immediately begins to change in

  the way that will make and it easier for you to grip, smooth surfaces back.

amazing  ( 02) this group between the nose upper Lip is called the filterThis tiny indent is a residual reminder of high spent in your mother's room 

the two sides of your face develop independently of one another and come to be in the middle of your face creating the philtrumFinally back.

 number fact amazing  (01)-  round buttock were determined by, in fact, the evolution process, and The main Occupation of our 

ancestors would hunt down and to catch, I think the prey or at least to run fast? Well [fill] products.

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