interesting facts - Why is the ability to sniff in the dog?

interesting facts - Why is the ability to sniff in the dog? Interesting Facts - Why is the ability to sniff in the dog? Does the animal also dream? Understand the facts of science. Surprising facts about animals.

 Why is the ability to sniff in the dog? interesting facts-Does the animal also dream?.

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Why is the ability to sniff in the dog?

interesting facts- It must be seen in movies, that dogs must have seen loyalty to their master, and in real life, 

the dog plays full loyalty. Hundreds of thousand years ago, humans started keeping dogs as pets. And the dog has always kept its responsibility. as a servant, sometimes a member of the family, and sometimes a friend.

 Why not, why not talk about this loyalist today? So, let's know today why dogs can smell and some interesting things related to the dog.

Dog sniffing ability

 interesting facts The ability to sniff the dog is very fast. The ability to smell is about 1000 times more than humans.

 Once the dog has smelled the smell, it also recognizes the next time. Due to the same capacity of the dog, they are taken along with them to catch the drug and explosive material.

Special property

interesting facts The reason for the ability of dogs to snuff is the special properties present in the body.

 In both holes of the dog's nose, there is a place where there is a very high amount of odor-sensitive cells called These receptors to look like hair and are always wet due to mucus.

 This cell is attached to the brain through the nerves and this place of the brain is called the bulb. The bulbs part, the greater the ability to sniff in the dog.

How long the dog is alive

interesting facts The average age of a dog is about 11 years and the surprise is that his brain is as much as a child of 2 years.

Humans have only 4 types of blood but do have 13 types of blood.

 There are 32 teeth in humans and 42 of an adult dog has teeth. Not only do humans see dreams, but dogs can dream too.

interesting facts

Dog tails also say a lot. If the dog shakes his tail on the right So it means that he is happy.

 But if the dog shakes his tail left, be careful. Because it means. That he is angry.

 Friends, hope. That you have liked the information related to this loyal and interesting animal who loved your master and obeyed everything.  

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