Top 30 RARE facts about India never heard Before

Top 30 RARE facts about India never heard Before

 Facts about India. some interesting facts about India, but you never heard before.  Today we are talking about As you know, India is the second populated state in the world, with many cultural diversities.

 Here we discuss some facts about India interesting including people, money, high altitude places in the world, etc.

Here are 30 facts about India interesting that will surprise you. India has amazing facts read the whole article to find more about India.

 We already made the documentary on Sentinal Island. Hope you have watched that or else you can check the below post 

Welcome to our website Top 30  Now Our country's culture is famous all over the world,
 Interesting fact About India

 but there are some secrets and unheard facts that are beyond your imagination. So lets see:1) Indias highest place- is worlds highest there was an era when India was famous for its fame all over the world,

 hence it was called the golden bird.
 However, now the condition has changed and even today our country does not count in the world's richest countries but at the forefront of height.

 This place is better than nothing else but Siachenwhere both India and Pakistan declare their rights.

 Except for the good combat zone of the Earth, and its height is 5700 meters from the ground level.

2) People who speak English most people speak Hindi in India, but the number of English speakers here is also very high.

 America, India is the only country in which125 million people know English can speak. This figure indicates that 10% of the world's English speakers live in India.

3) The country of India is called a country of gold.

 Do you know that women of India have so much gold and that is even higher than the world's bigger countries?

 It was found in a survey that11 percent of the world's total gold was found with women of India.

 Combining worlds bigger countries such as the US, Switzerland,
 Germany and even theInternational Monetary Fund have all together India has more % of gold than.

 these nations are considered to be auspicious for all to wear gold and it is also auspicious in our country.

4) Indias first rocket launch bicycle pays you must be surprised to know that the first rocket launch in India was in 1963in a small village of Kerala in Thumba. 

The thing surprises are that the rocket was so light that it was transported to Thumba by bicycle this was a successful rocket launch of India which took place in a church. 

The point of note is that according to the orders of ISRO ChairmanDr.

Sarabhai, this rocket was launched, his team included our former President  Indian missile, Dr. Kalam.

5) The world's longest sandstone cave Surprised to hear this?

 Do not panic is true that the world's longest cave exists in India itself. Yes indeed,

 India is a land of expensive and rare things and the stable order in Meghalaya is considered to be the world's longest sandstone cave.

which is also the largest in Venezuela, You will not be so sure that its length is about 24,000 meters, 

 which is considered to be the world's tallest Caywa del SamahYou will also be surprised to hear that 9 of

 the 10largest and deepest caves of India are found in Meghalaya only.

6) The world's largest trees, you have heard it perfectly,

 in Andhra Pradesh, there is a banyan tree that has made its place in the Guinness Book of

 World records are you surprised to hear this? but this is true. In the villages of Andhra Pradesh's Timmama Marimimanuthere is a 550-year-old banyan

 tree with 1100 branches and this tree extends to 2.1 hectares. It is the oldest and largest tree in the world which stands at the same place for more than 500 years.

7) Highest rainfall PlaceDo was not afraid to hear it.

Meghalaya gets the highest rainfall in India. It is known then everyone,  do you know which place of and Meghalaya is it that some get rains?

 This place is named Mausinram. It is said that there are so many rains that the workers wear raincoat covering the entire body.

  467 Inches Rain is recorded every day, and which is more than anywhere in the world.

8) Magnetic HillsLadakh is a dream of every Indian and many of you have also gone to Ladakh.

 But have you heard about the magnetic hill? Yes, this is a place in Laddakh, which can pull your paused car UP too.

 Magnetic Hill has now become a tourist and destination where people, now come to realize how much power there is in.

 the magnetic field and how it can climb up with gravity? This is one of the wonders and wonderful places in the world.

9) Shani Siganapur Many people will hear about Shani Singapur because this is the most famous temple of Shani Bhagwan.

 there is no door outside of the house in any of these villages?  do you know thatYes, this is a shocking thing and it is also true?

 The people here believe that their and house can never be stolen and if it is done, a person,

 will get curse to have from the Shani Bhagwan (Saturn God ). There is no police station in these villages.

10) Human-computer of you must have heard the name of Shakuntala Devi. is known as Human Calculator because.

 she was the first female mathematician who had done the product of two 13 digit numbers in Imperial CollegeLondon in just 28 seconds.

 Shakuntala Devi -  is known as Human-Computer her name is also recorded in and the Guinness Book of World Records.

She has written a lot of books and Shakuntala Devi's name is not only famous in India but also in the whole world. 

We hope that you will love these facts of wonderful and unique India Comment your thoughts and opinions below. 

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Top 20  Surprising Interesting  Facts About India

one the population makes up seventeen points five percent of the population of the world but how big is that exactly well

 the population of India currently sits at [1.2] billion people and guess?

 What guys it's steadily rising as the matter of fact by? 2022 they predict that

 it will destroy and Chinas population and by2050 there [will] be 1.6 billion people living in India

 Mukunda La is a mass pilgrimage of Faith where people gather around a sacred river to bathe in 2013 the [Ku] MelaEstimated over a hundred.

 twenty million people  on February tenth of that year 30 million people came to the festival, as a matter of fact,

 it was so big that you could see and it from space at one point India was an island hundred million.

 years ago back in the dinosaur days, it broke off from the better-continent Gondwana Land it moved NorthEventually crashing.

 into Asia because of this collision that is why we have the Himalayan mountains which are the youngest and also the biggest mountains in.

 India there are more roads, deaths than in any other country with an approximation of a hundred fifteen and thousand.

 people dying a year from motor vehicle accidents now.
 Heres a shocking fact I always thought that Hollywood was like the biggest film industry in.

 the entire world, but India is they produce over1,100 films a year and  lot of you guys might think oh,

 they're all Bollywood films But that's not true Bollywood only produces about 200 of them in India they have six seasons each,

 I know we only have like four you got spring you got summer you got monsoonYouve got autumn and then of [course],

 you get winter but then there's another one called per vernal all.

 right so for this next one, know when you guys able to a country sometimes you like to bring some currency back something 
 Maybe to put in.

 your scrapbook well believes it or not you cant do that in India because it is illegal to leave.

 the country with any form of Indian current Mumbai is one of the most polluted cities on the planet, as a matter of fact,

 it's so polluted that if you spend one day there they say it equals a hundred cigarettesOh,

 how do people live there for more than like three days in certain states in India if youre a police officer and you grow a mustache

 you will get a pay increase just waiting for them to get like MonoclesAnd maybe some.
 top hats and then there'll be classy India is also a country that has not invaded a country in [ten] thousand years although some scholars say [it] was a hundred.
 thousand years but this is because India was a very rich nation and kings were too.

 busy fighting amongst themselves India there are more mobile phones than there are toilets in the entire country wow okay?

This is not a shocking fact, but this is really one for me you guys know these things, yeah these awesome looking formal jackets know,

 they're so cool, right? Well, they're called Schwann [es] and I want one that's just the fact right now if you go to India be careful of

 the children in the school61% of them have a disease that causes germs on their hands so don't be shaken anybody without sanitizing nowWe all.

 love spices [some] people like it hot some people like it mild, but a lot of you guys in [first]

 world nations may think heyWell, we get our spices from Light places.

 like MexicoBut that is actually not true because 70% of the spices that are sold worldwide [come] all the way from India now for us here in North

 [America] most of us are sitting complaining about not enough female leads in Hollywood or Donald trump or were complaining about the first world.

 problems Meanwhile in India they have [a] child slavery problem slavery is still a thing in India believe it or not they [think] that there are over 14 million people in slavery.

  most of them are all children and just so you know most of these children are working in things like quarries not good in India there's an airline company.

 called go air and speaking of females from the last one this company only hiresFemales why because well they say [that] females are lighter.

  because of that, they save up to five hundredThousand us dollars a year simply on fuel bills in India are great for the blind.

 This is because they have Braille them but they're, not the only country to do it countries like Russia,

 China, Mexico, and Israel do that as well India claimed that it has the most diverse amount of languages in the country.

 1961 a census went around totaling 1652 languages in the country Big ones are well, guessed it Hindi, BengaliTheres also Telugu Marathi and urgent for me.

 I've always loved the animals from India they're way better than the ones in North American mean elephants are just super cool,

 you know there are over 90 thousand species of animals in India?