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psychological facts-What is the definition of fear?

psychological facts-What is the definition of fear?

psychological facts-What is the definition of fear. psychological facts about human behavior.

 What are some of the best psychological facts? psychological life

💔💔💔💔1. What is the definition of fear?

💔💔💔💔2. Is Life's Precious Need for You?

💔💔💔💔3. What are some of the best psychological facts?

💔💔💔💔4. Why is it so difficult to live honestly?

💔💔💔💔5. Is good or evil present outside our thinking?

💔💔💔💔6. Why are people always worried?


psychological facts-Fear makes a man helpless.

 The feeling of fear in the mind and the mind makes the person weak. 

The whole fear is basically that I can lose some of my things, I can be less and eventually, 

I can finish. As much as you make yourself dependent, as much as bind your identity.

 with others, the more scared you will be. So nothing is going to happen.

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psychological facts

Our life is continuously passing in the hope that something can be found and that which can be found can be snatched.

 The fear of snatching in the greed that you will get will also continue. 

Those hopes in the hopes will be constantly scared.

 Whatever is happening in this world is the creation of mind and mind with you,

 then you are binding yourself, then you are binding yourself. Then what

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psychological facts-

Is Life's Precious Need for You?

❤Good late by a road accident. While traveling, do not place a phone on the mobile. Because  may also(angel of death)

❤ It is also patriotism to give our cooperation in keeping India as an independent.

❤ Pan masala chewing is harmful to health!

❤ All the news coming in social media like 

'Facebook', 'youtube' etc. should not be considered true by blindfolding. Which is not correct.

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👹👹 psychological facts-Is Life's Precious Need for You?👹👹

❤Family planning is very important. (we two, our two )

Small family, happy family?

❤ The country has lost millions of rupees every day by the strike and violent agitation. (This is not a suitable solution to any problem.)

❤ Even if you wear 

a helmet, your hairstyle gets spoiled and does not suit you. But at the time of the accident, this helmet gives you 'life-giving'.

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What are some of the best psychological facts?


psychological facts-

has been said in the scriptures - the mind and the human being,

 that is, the mind is a human being. Meaning man is different from the animal because he has a mind in which all,

 kinds of worries and thoughts take shape, which creates a man's personality. The mind is the cause of happiness and misery of life.

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psychological facts-

Fear is related to ignorance.

 Therefore, to overcome fear from the mind, find out the facts related to it. 

The incomplete information of things entangles the mind, makes misery and disturbances. 

Children are not aware of facts so they are fearless. They instinctively catch the snake.

psychological facts-As wisdom progresses, the mind works fearless or fearful in its light. Man's mind becomes mutually continuous in the same direction. 

The direction of life is mind. The existence of the world depends on one's mind only. Believe it or not, then the stones like the stone, the silence of mind, point to this

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👹👹  psychological facts-Why is it so difficult to live honestly?


psychological facts-Because most of the people in this world are servants and foes of lies and dishonesty and will put all this in the way of those who live honestly because their interests and interests will be hurt,

 they will want to erase and change your existence to maintain their existence. The concept of buying truth is not just about everyone. So jumbo sells fast


psychological facts- This is the eternal conflict of the world and life, 

so most people consider it easy and beneficial to follow the crowd, and the crowd is often full of lies and blindness. When the person goes to the light,

the man seems very pompous. The man wants to strike by hiding in the crowd of people.

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psychological facts- In this way, you are alone in the false and blind rush with your sincerity and truth, and maximum 'struggle and loneliness''

 become your destiny, in which your'' courage'' and the courage to walk alone is the basic mantra of life, makes you 'successful in your objective. Your morale

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psychological facts- It is a matter of your choice. Which is the way which is liked,

 right did wrong Someone wanders from their direction in which people start to resort to lies? 

Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, as you will have the will and tendency to be the way and the way to live will be pleasing to you.                   

 psychological facts- Is good or evil present outside our thinking?

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psychological facts-There are only a few questions in life, whose answers.

 are either yes or no and these questions are also close to those questions. 

When we think of things, it is not a matter of personal thinking but it is a matter of human thinking.

 Whatever we see in life, our thinking that determining good or bad is ours.


psychological facts-This is because of no other developments outside human thinking.

 have their own power because they exist as a person and think it.  If there is no human then nothing in this world will be good or bad. 

We can not say that the dinosaurs were good or bad, or there would be

living in another house, it would be good or bad because we are not present there.


psychological facts-To say this is the power of good and evil gives us thinking. 

Therefore, goodness and evil are not present anywhere beyond our thinking. 

Apart from this, all the good or bad people who appear in this world are actually thinking of those people. Which is good or bad. Human is not bad.

psychological facts-Why are people always worried?

psychological facts-The Chita burns the dead body, but the worry continues to cause harm to the mind and soul of the living person.

 Why are people always worried? The origin of anxiety is fear or fear. 

Fear of fear is the reason that people are worried. Cords or fear can be of two types, it is natural and unnatural.

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psychological Some kind of natural fear haunts almost all people.

 Fear of snake, fear of burning in the fire, fear of dreaded wild animals, fear of falling from the height, fear of drowning in water, etc.

 are many types of fear, whose list can be quite long. Natural fear is not a bad thing in itself,

 but it is a confirmation that someone is mentally healthy.

💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 psychological facts-Natural fear is only for young people who are present in ignorance and not mentally ill.

 If a small child is taken to a very poisonous snake,

will he dread? No!

The same can happen with some mentally unhealthy people. But is it safe? No, not at all.

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  psychological facts-From the husband's school, children are little late in the school coming from daughter college,

 fear of untouchability, fear of uneasiness while traveling by plane, train, car, etc.,

 fear of losing a loved one, stealing at home Fear of being, Fear of an unknown person,

 Fear of job, Fear of loss in business, Fear of failure in the exam,


 psychological facts-Natural fear can be far longer than the list

 because unnatural fears are those who do not often have any head or feet, such as fear of not coming to work for a housewife.

 These are the fears that cause constant anxiety and their presence in the mind

the brain is dangerous. Such fears are seen more in the people of the highly emotional and weak heart.

the psychological facts-The The main reason for most unnatural.

fears are to live in the future of people, which is today, forgetting them and imagining.  the time to come is worrying them.

 Because of this, they do not live up to their present time too. Many incidents in

life are such that we are not in control. Darna is natural, natural.

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 the person should be afraid of poisonous snakes, fire, etc. because he can know his life.

 is a natural fear, we are not based on the activity of the brain. Should be scared of things that deserve to be scared.

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