What are those lies that girls often speak? psychology

What are those lies that girls often speak? psychology

Learning something 'new' is always interesting, and entertaining. And the way we behave, understanding

the psychology behind it, dealing with others, and expressing yourself can be even more attractive.

science lies can point to mental disorders or signal normal growth interesting facts of sciencepsychology Because we're 'nicer 

Why do women lie more than men? Because we're 'nicer psychology Lies Can Point to Mental Disorders or 

Signal Normal Growth that women are better than men,  Lies Girls Tell (And What They Really Mean)

science lies can point to mental disorders or signal normal growth

Responding to people lying to you can be one of the real challenges in the ...

studies show—you don't catch them nearly as often as you might think. ...

 silent is worth more than the satisfaction you receive from speaking the result of this may be that

 it's often easier for females not only to read, None of which is to say that women are better than men,  Lies Girls Tell, And What They Really Mean,


Are our soothing lies, genetically short or cultural, fixed? New developments in neuroscience highlight the difference between masculine and feminine brains.

 But, if there is a perception that "men and women think differently, naturally think"

 things threaten to make things very simple. So we have to be the factor in a nutritional form in the form of genetic switches - active (or not) genes by environmental factors...

psychology Our experiences affect our genes, making it more fluid than ever before, such as making the penis more fluid, which we had imagined earlier.

Men can be incredibly emotionally sensitive. And just as good ladies can tell the shopkeepers. Neuroplasty is such that different brains can be developed in different directions,

great female mathematicians and male emotions can be equally developed

What are those lies that girls often speak?

If a girl says this, then this is a complete lie, because somewhere, someone must have been so sure that it would have been nice to watch them, causing the necessary collision,

 keeping them around with excuses, stealing Seeing him,
 like the mischief you might have done, but to someone special, who is now really

 appealing to you, how will you tell all this that he is not the first person to touch your heart.

 Girls also lie because of them, because they know that every boy wants what he liked, that too is his first choice.

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2. I do not like other girls ...

Indeed, these lies girls often talk to them, they are trying to impress,

 because they want to tell them that they are different from them. This lies of girls There is also a gesture or challenge

 for the boys, that I do not have to pass like so many girls so easily so that boys should do something different to impress the girl.

3. I do not have any boyfriends ...

Many people want a single status girl, who always try some new trials to make them special. The girls know very well that if they tell about their relationship accurately, 

then all the attributes will be scrapped, so long as the dishes do not blossom themselves, the girls continue to resort to this lie.

4. I do not want any gifts ...

If your wife or girlfriend reminds you of your special days, but simultaneously also says that she does not 

want any gift, then just understand that it is a sign for you that a good gift as soon as possible Buy, because girls love gifs very much.

5. Do not stay with you, I will ...

These lie girls say so so that the boys finish the work as soon as possible.

 Boys do not catch this lie of girls and accept it as a challenge and immediately gather to finish the work and, sure, the work ends before the time.

6. Do what you like, I do not have any problem ...

The problem will be the same because your madam did not like your work well and he knows this very well that clearly speaking can make you feel bad, 

which he does not want to do. So you did not understand now that when you give such a response the next time, what do you have to do?

7. I do not care if you look at other girls ...

There will be no such girl, who would like to stare at her partner's other girls. 
The girls speak this lie only because they do not want their partner to feel that it is too much about me or I do not want to give any 


Girls know this very well that it will not stare at seeing the beautiful girl coming from the front, it is impossible, so why not lie by saying this lie, take out your excuse.

8. Go, have fun with your friends ...

Even after becoming a wife, how big is her heart and do not keep her husband in her pallu

 Do not want everyone or everyone to say that after the arrival of the wife, the friends have forgotten By thinking of all this,

wives tell this lie with great love to their husbands. But the truth is that they want whatever time you both meet, spend it together.

9. I'm not hungry ...

Both of you are strolling in the market, suddenly seeing a nice restaurant or a shop, girlfriends ask you if you are hungry and you refuse to be clear,

then you have to lie to him also, do not you tell me Not hungry, I was just asking for you. 

Believe me, he is very hungry, he just wants you to feed him, but if you refuse, the poor person has to lie and lie.

10. The hand felt, lifted, and wore it ...

Your girlfriends have worn something that you did not feel special, then before you say something,

 it is a lie that by saying that you wear your hand and said, you want to stop speaking so that you can not say anything.

 While the truth is that she came to wear a dress thinking it very much to meet you, but after seeing your appearance, you understood that she did not like it.

11. Let it be, I'll pay ...

If the boys start paying after eating or after purchasing something, then the girls speak it lies

Even after payment, how long will it continue to tell his boyfriend why he paid it, he was going to do it? While most girlfriends want their partners to spend on them.

12. I'm not mad for you ...

Whenever girls become emotional or in anger, often they lie.
 While their partner also knows that they love him very much, but due to fear, telling them

 the truth will not diminish their emotions, because of this fear girls tell their partner this lie.

13. I do not flirt with boys ...

Girls know very well that girls do not like flirtatious girls. Although there is no harm in making

 friends happy and flirting in the office, it is difficult to explain this to the boys, in such a way, this lie is the best way to keep them happy.
14. This is the first time I am ...
If a work is not good or spoiled, often this lies girls, so that they do not blame them. 

Girls know this very well that you will not investigate such a small thing, so there is no harm to anybody, and work goes on.

15. Nothing, I'm fine ... If your partner says that

If your partner is saying this, then understand that nothing is fine. Now say it well or decrease, but often girls,

 rather than disturbing others by expressing their problems, find it right to solve the problem themselves.

 Now you must have understood how strong your partner is, how to handle this lie, it is now in your hands

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