top 10 amazing facts of the world

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This blog post gives 10 fun facts about words and letters in the English language

What is the most common letter to begin a word with? How many states have one-syllable names?

top 10 amazing facts of the world.

Our world is a magical place, and these 10 amazing facts contribute completely to it.

 this statement. ... About the world we live in, Bored Panda has put together a list of amazing facts that integrate you.

top 10 amazing facts of the world

 amazing facts of the list of the world 

1. The most common dish in English is r, after which t is.
The most common first letter of any word is. 

Maine is the only state. In whose name there is only one syllable.

2. The longest word in the English language, which has its letters in alphabetical order. 

Bookkeepers and bookkeeping are just two words in which there are three consecutive double letters.

top 10 amazing facts of the world

3. The longest word that does not repeat any of its letters, it is uncompetitive.

 Basically and indeed the word "like" is actually called "crutch". 

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4. The instrumental instrument in Europe, Crown, is the longest word without a single vowel. 

The strength is the longest word with only one 'vowel'.For each letter written in the English language, an average of 56 will be 56 marks.

top 10 amazing facts of the world

5. The compulsory desire to see something that brings you in the form of horror.

 film or injury is called Jake has to walk the mud in a house.

 An autobiography is an autobiography that improves the subject which they really are.

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6.  Between 2012 and 2013 the word selfie increased by 17,000%. Aquabib is a person who likes to drink water instead of alcohol.

top 10 amazing facts of the world

7. Callomaniacs are people who think they are really more beautiful than they are. (Do the people with shallowness care only?) 

8. We know that a single speech is a single speech. The proper name for speaking through toothed teeth is Dentiloki. 

The head of the asparagus is called squib.82 Random Facts So Interesting You'll Say

top 10 amazing facts of the world

9. GIF stands for "Graphics Interchange Format", and, according to its inventor, "gif" should be pronounced, not "gif".

10.  Global warming helped resolve land disputes between India and Bangladesh. The area in question was the New Moore,

 or the South Palaces. But in 2010 the island was submerged due to global warming.

top 4 amazing facts of the world

1. The third part of all the airports in the world is located in the US

2. Mexico City is submerged at a rate of 10 cm per year, 10x faster than Venice

3. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where there is no river
4. It was rumored that the Great Wall can be seen from space, but in reality, it can not be
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