quotes about family problems a unique story

quotes about family problems a unique story.

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quotes about family problems a unique story

Me and my mom "a unique story

It's just a matter of one day. When I was young I did not have so much understanding in him that I troubled my mother.

 Even so, Mummy loved me so much, I am the unique thing of my life that is not with everyone.

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 I and my mother had only one eye, because of my friends, I began to hate myself gradually.

 Being self-sufficient, God had complaints too. A small shop ran on the sidewalk. read more (How family should treat each other.

life was passing. I felt embarrassed when I was with them.
 It was so hateful to me that it seemed difficult to forget, it was a matter of time.

 She came to my school and I was very embarrassed again.
 I was frustrated by my friends talking about the matter. How can she do this to me?

 The next day, my mother in a class all the friends joked to me I was looking at a corner standing and listening and listening.
 I was very disappointed with that shock, after all, everyone went to their own house?

Some time passed and I was crying at the edge of the road my mother came looking for me.

 I was feeling very bad. I used to think that my mother would disappear from this world.

 But I said to mother, why is not your second eye, mother? (No matter son, let's go home) I was stubborn and stubborn.

Everyone makes fun of me because of you. Why do not you die 'Mother did not say anything. (Said the house floating tears) But, I decided that moment.

 I would become a successful man after being grown so that I could get rid of my mother and this poverty.

After that, I completed studying at the University School. 
Then I left my mother and came to the city, after receiving the degree, I married.

 Bought a home Have kids And I became a successful person. I also liked it. my new life because there was no memory associated with my mother.

 My happiness was increasing day by day when suddenly. I saw something that I did not even imagine in my dream.

 My mother was standing in front of me, Even from your own eyes. I felt that my whole world is getting scattered again.

 I asked him, 'Who are you? I do not know you, how dare you come here. the way you came from. Get out of the same road. '(Mother replied) Sorry.

 I have come to the wrong address. 'He went and I was glad to think that he did not recognize me but that was not true?

 How does a mother not recognize a good song? After all, O mother. A few days later.

The letter of the school reunion again reached Sangha's letter at my house and I reached my old town, I do not know what happened to my old house. The motherland died there.

 I did not tear a drop with my eyes, then there was a piece of paper in his hand ... He wrote: It was his first and last letter in my name.

 My dear son ...importance of family

I think I have lived my life.
 I will never come to your house ... but is it expected?
 that you will come to meet me some time but I used to think wrong but I miss you a lot?

 I am sorry. This thing has caused you to face embarrassment for your whole life due to one eye.

When you did not come into this world, an eye was lost in an accident.
you were born I had found a new way of living as a mother, I could not see. 

That you have grown up with one eye, that's why I have given you an eye. I was proud that my son can see the new dimension of the whole world with the help of that eye. 

My whole world is with you. But whom you love O goes away When love is realized. It is late, it is late. My whole world is from you.

My world was shattered by reading the letter. And I cried for her the first time that on that day.  I came to know what the mother is. I did not understand his love. because of that, I got a life.

 My life made my name ... My mother | I got learning out of life. If something happens to a woman if she does not cry or try.

 to understand her as bad because it is the most expensive item in the world. (Mother)

"Life can not experience that moment anytime in life. Which he has. When we get out of our way from life, we feel.

 Whatever is in life.
 Should you try to remain anonymous? (God does it for the good.
 which we can understand later until it is late) is a saying. Someone has said the truth. (The bird has missed the farm) Whatever is in our life.

 Is precious. He has no value. Who is nearby? O does not seem good at all, but when it goes away.

 The price seems to be the price of that item from the world.
 In life, only one person gets once. The precious and invaluable thing comes to someone only once. O ... . . . . . . . . is.

quotes about family problems

For every problem, there is no solution; After every storm and every night after night the sun will smile;

 And the uncertain duty of the soul is good cheer. 
"One night of experience; this is a common thing. When the problem is resolved difficult.

 When the sleeping committee has worked on it. 99% of future accounting is in the hands of human beings. How to Build Your Life 1% who is in his hands, who can not do any (God)