What is the most amazing thing in the world?

What is the most amazing thing in the world?

What is the future building called Lord Buddha? Then listen to the words of Lord Buddha:

 What is the most amazing thing in the world?

The result of ideas is Every human being can do that. There is no such thing in the world. The man who can not do it.  But there is one thing, which is not a matter of man's domination. The same thing has.

 been said in Dhammas pada, Geeta, Ginsu, and Yoga Sutras. Science today calls it the law of attraction. The person has that idea. The idea that can create a future.
 What is the most amazing thing in the world?

Scientists believe. Summary

Scientists believe. Much research has found. Even today, it is not fully discovered that on the human brain.

 there are about 70 thousand views in mind. Then you will say we sleep. Then how do thoughts come? If you fall asleep, your brain's mind continues.

 People call him a dream. Many people keep talking while sleeping, (The next post will be about the dream) 70 Thought (Ideas come out, 10% of those things are talked about. 3% Ideas, who thinks of working. 

 Most of them are negative.

If the upside of negative thoughts is huge, then the future will.

 be the same and if the mixing thoughts are the streams. So the mixed future will be created. Most people keep watching negative things such as movies, serials, and songs, because, in their mind.

 the same type of thoughts stream on their mind, in which 30% of human beings become the same.

 Such scenes affect the mind. 

They start thinking the same by reading dirty or detective novels. Sometimes seeing you're (Chandramukhi's story), seeing the wrong things. gradually the right person also makes a wrong behavior.

 Stay with the thief, 

one day you will become a thief too. The reality of our brain is that. Our brain's eye is not small. Who can see it The signal you send to the brain.

 The same will work. Man's mind is like a cart. You are the driver of that car. You can take it wherever you want.

 (There will be a post about the unique power of the brain) Nowadays there is the internet, where all kinds of negative things can be found.
 News channels keep showing negative news all day long. The most searched. words in India are about two crores seven lakh seventy-five thousand searches(word sex)

 (2,773,000 (on Google) who see the collective change in the mind of society and bad brain condition.

"You know how to know the creative secret of Sriti.

We know the world from those senses. Which is roughly five through the six senses in the form of a normal. anyone can.

 There is no other treatment, no one has done, the eclipse has a deep impact on the minds. direction on the mind of the mind on their mind. Our regular thoughts are continuing to be rectified.

 It is good for you to understand the chit created by your thoughts, Then you should understand the value of your life, then you will begin to understand the rituals of your life.

 Often people are living in bad habitat with bad people. Want to change your thoughts?  So reading Motivation Books and joining the class too.

Do not feel deficient in yourself "

 "Trusting yourself is the first floor of life. Believing yourself, what is your idea. Fearful of failing. Success comes from failure only.

 Some people look down on others and feel a lack of self. Do not forget to do this at all.

 Understand your importance and appreciate your feelings. Before you do any work, you understand the matter of your self.

 Secondly, only giving the judges. To do it yourself is. It is important to succeed. Self-confidence