21 + FUN FACT of the day people understand lies

21 + FUN FACT of the day people understand lies

21 + FUN FACT of the day people understand lies

fun fact of the day - people understand lies

fun a random fact that is completely odd and makes people give you funny looks. Normally used to get attention. fun fact of the day
fact about kids

Fun fact of the day that is associated with every human being. 75% of our life is from you and our friends. Friends are the factors that bring change in the direction of your life. 

But what good and bad is your 'fun' fact of the day, right for you. Affect our lives. Which are their own? Today we will know, "Like color with", "Wheat" along with "innocent creatures" are also killed.

fun fact of the day - people understand lies

The same color as A hunter had come to a market to sell a parrot. The hunter had two cages, one each.

 He kept the price of one parrot for 500 hundred rupees the second parrot was kept at 50 rupees, but there was no difference in the sight if one should take the first 50 dry ones in the parrot,

 then if one wants to take the first 500 rupees take another one. We will have to.

fun facts-interesting real life about. our life, cycle?

 random fact of the day

A king was passing through that path. On hearing the call of the parrot, he got down from his hand and asked why. there is such a difference in the values ​​of these two parrots.

The hunter parrot said, "Hurry, take these two parrots, then you will find out for yourself." The king took the two parrots and came to the palace, tired of the journey.

 the king went to sleep and the king said, put a parrot next to me. When it was morning, the parrot The lovely sweet voice began to speak, the king's heartfelt happiness that day the king's day.

 was very good, then on the second night, the king asked to keep another parrot, that morning the other parrot started speaking,

 the king started uttering abusive words. Done and said let this dastard parrot be punished (kill)
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The first parrot was listening. It was nearby. I humbly prayed to the king. that O Rajan does not kill it is my real brother.

We both fell into the same trap. But a saint has brought me up. The people. who spoke sweet melodies used to come there, and I learned.

 beautiful hymns. It has no dos It was nurtured by a more chain whose people used to come to.  the house of very juvenile people.

 Everyday abusive abuse is a matter of quarrel. But he assumed the sameThe The king said to leave him too.

Writing Confusion = We learn this from a story. Our life is also like a parrot. The environment in which we live. around us, how we interact with men in our lives.

 By staying with the thief, the right person also becomes a thief. The house where the abusive language is used also affects the children of that house. starts behaving like a parrot.

 Due to the lack of the right knowledge and right direction, man deviates from the path. "Do friendship for this life and drink tea?"

What can you do if someone's life is not bad? Do not forget to share it. I have friends like you. Help them to show the right direction?

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FUN FACT of the day people understand lies

 this day in history fun facts

A question begins in everyone's life. To begin with, it actually resembles us as a person. It is an introduction. Who seeks to impart knowledge and information.

 It is used a lot by some teachers, but it usually comes from someone.

who wants to bore your ass, (fingering) but wants to tell you those things, but you need to.

 know Not needed, yet o do not want to know, and which are no less interesting than Venusian or bacterial sex life. Every human wants to enjoy a sex life with bacteria.

 It is generally impossible for sexual bacteria to escape from life without killing them. Unless you can come back with something that stops them in their tracks and allows you to escape.

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What is the most interesting fact? illness: Mental recognize the symptoms?

With the presumed suicide we have a lot of concern about those, issues and I think the public has a lot of concern about those issues. Suicide is a major health problem and in Canada in the world, there is an overlap in terms of suicide mental illness, and in particular bipolar disorder,

 depression and substance use and all those things confer an increased risk actually for suicide are important for people to recognize and the symptoms of depression and to recognize that these conditions can be treated.

 and that it's important to seek mental health help and to see professionals that have the expertise to provide that help one can get treatment for substance abuse problems.

the mental people and get good outcomes in the long-term but it's very important to recognize what the symptoms are and to seek help.

 not to kinda be alone suffering in isolation it's very important for youth that are showing signs and symptoms of depression or bipolar disorder to get the treatment that they need. 

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