What are the 50 interesting facts about you amaze?

What are the 50  interesting facts about you amaze?

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What do you know the facts about Japan? You might have heard of Tokyo, Ninjas, and Cherry Blossom, facts about japan, here you'll find  interesting facts about Japan that you probably didn't know

 50 interesting facts about Japan?

2. People in Japan have a weird habit, compared to baby diapers, most adult diapers are sold. But no wonder they have such a low birth rate. Animals are more likely. to be compared to the child.

What are the 50 interesting facts about you amaze?

3. Japanese people eat more 

fish than any other person in the world. Japanese people eat about 600 to 700 grams of fish during the day.

 Japan is also the largest importer of seafood and consumes about 17 million tonnes. of fish per year. Most fishes in the world are eaten, in Japan.

4. is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world. This is not surprising in Japan.

Unique things in Japan:

5. In Japan, girls are often eager to go to the dentist. Because: makes their teeth purposefully unstable. You know why?

 Because in Japan gambas or crooked teeth are made attractive. Japanese people are considered to have a dent design.

6. Black cats are considered good luck. In Japan. people believe in India inauspicious. Japanese people have more pets than children.

 Show a lot of interest in animals. Japanese people. More than two billion manga,7 or Japanese comic books, are sold every year in Japan.

8. There are more children than children(facts about Japan?)

9. The longest lifespan in the world is one of the Japanese islands of Okinawa. a very tragic fact about Japan, lack of childbirth.

10. More animals tend to yellow. 

Because this is really a big problem. In Japanese society, people have no time or money with the family.  it has created a situation where there are more seniors than children.

11. The oldest man in the world, this time the Japanese are rural. In Japan. for about 80 to 90 years of life.

 Environment-friendly, do you know Actually do adult diapers sell much compared to baby's diapers? I do not know about you, but about me, this is one of the more bizarre facts about Japan! 

12. This bizarre Japanese face mask is brighter, but does it work? Promises better skin, when mixed with water. a paste form, which 

can then be used (used) as a cleanser or face mask. So we have this ... antioxidants, placental,

13. stem cell formula.

 Acidifying Acid The modern Japanese skincare in the world is the most widely used. effective ingredients. ... More than 500, rose-affected "skincare" products are produced.

14. General characteristics of architecture: Japanese traditional Asian cultures are not very basic in Japan's traditional.

 architecture but have been imported from China and cultures for centuries. Its history in traditional Japanese architecture is the dominance of Asian techniques.

15. styles in Chinese (there is also the excellence of architecture of Japanese. cultures present in IS Shrine), and on the other hand, those subjects are Japanese original variations.

16. Universal Features:  facts about Japan Universal Features: - Particularly different types of weather in. Japan and the first cultural import of the millennium are included.

 the last and the last, the result is extremely odd, but many practically universal features can also be found.

17. First is the choice of material, for almost all forms, there are always. various forms (frames, straw, the bark of trees, paper, and many produce.) Wood. 

Contrary to both Western and some Chinese architecture, the use of stone is avoided except for certain uses, for example, Temple Podia and Pagoda Foundations. Is made.

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