10 + super thought of the day for school assembly

10 + super thought of the day for school assembly

  10 + super thought of the day for school assembly

10+ sure thought of the day for school assembly 

 Ideas for morning meetings with meaning Inspiration for life. Time and tide do not wait for anyone. In this world, there is much more potential than what we see. 

The idea of ​​the day is a daily quote that gives you a positive opinion to start your day.with encouragement and inspiration; Knowledge and ideas from people of all walks of life....

 thought of the day for school assembly

 thought of the day for school assembly tops ten?

is not about the money the fame or the big house it's about becoming the best version of yourself you will fall many times on the road to success but the most important thing is that you get back up strong,

 wise then before we create a mindset that does not allow you to quit or stop believing if you quit on your dream and give up you'll never know how great you do never doubt yourself

 doubt kills more dreams than failure every whereas Daniel ping said people fail to achieve mastery not because they aren't talented but because they aren't disciplined

 the wonderful news about the human condition is you can get good at anything that you set your mind to its just not gonna be easy and it's not gonna be fast but the willingness to put in that

 work is what's going to separate you from everybody else and I m begging you to see yourself right now today as average as know better than anyone else but I beg you with more force than Iknow how to convey.
 with this language to see yourself as malleable to see yourself as capable of becoming anything you want to become to become truly extraordinary
 if you can find within yourself the discipline to stick with it long enough and as Steve Martin said perseverance is a great substitute for talent everybody wants to talk about who's talented everybody looks at the person

 with innate talent as if they have something magical but to me its a gift its a handout it's a freebie it hasn't been earned and no matter what itis its only

 the beginning even somebody that has talent even if you get an early win if you let somebody outwork you if you let somebody who has more perseverance more grit than

 you then they're going to outperform you on along enough timeline the only thing I can guarantee is you will be outwork by somebody unless you pour your heart and soul into getting great

 if you won't take days off if you put yourself into it as if your life depended on when you act like that then you've got a chance to be great and this Robert Laurie said pressure can bust pipes but it can also make diamonds
 you've got to want that pressure you've got to want things to be hard you cant seek out the easy life you can't just hope and pray that you can uncover inside of

 you some talent that's lay dormant that you didn't know about that's gonna let things be easy for you don't want the easy want the hard what the pressure.

 want the thing that's going to turn you into something because when it's easy you don't work for it when it's easy you don't push when it's easy you get surpassed

 by the person who has to give it, their all whos prepared to do blood sweat and tears to become that thing that they want to be so bad because

 they are so fuckin angry that they were never given anything and with that chip on their shoulder they're determined to become anything that they set their mind to so whether

 you have talent whether you don't the only thing that matters is will you persevere will you stick with it long enough to get great [Music] people want to know how to stop the laziness they will not stop the procrastination.

Our brain, they are the only liquid streams of ideas that run humans and the world. thought of the day for school assembly O, winning your mind in this world is also a great man.

 They also have brains, but we also have them. But how do great people become intelligent? Their body system is different. What makes the topper. And the difference is just in you.thought of the day for school assembly

 In your opinion, how do you use your brain? Which becomes topper every year. What is difficult to be a topper, but my idea is difficult. But not nominally. Being a topper is easy. ' How to 'think' the right pace of accurate.

thinking, what is the main reason for spreader in our lives? We can not become topper Q, have ruled to be a topper...  Everyone wants to be a topper. Top Secret, 10 things that can 'overturn' your life.

1. How lovely is victory, but how valuable it is?

''The one who conquers the power of power gets the imperfect victory over his enemy. Some defeat is also something that would have been of greater significance than victory...
 thought of the day for school assembly There is nothing terrible in the world except for a great defeat, except for a great victory.

 There should not be any donation in the religion... where there is no religion or meaning and there is no such kind of wish because of the donation of knowledge there.

 The seed is sterilized like sowing. The second is the best. The reason for this is the superiority of mind and intellect from only one person, which comes from the practice of that mode.

2. High thoughts of love

Those who live in pleasant association with high thoughts can never be alone. All great thoughts arise from the heart. The physical world resides in the brain only.

 Ideas should be transformed into work by the arms and the arms of the heroes and the brave, otherwise, they will remain dreamless.

3. In practice, whatever we experience, it is made up of our brains. 

These are simple organic compounds like oxygen molecules and vary in complex organic compounds from compounds. But the biggest in nature lies in your thoughts and in your body. How do you think?

4. There is a stubborn paranda tied to the expectations, the person who injured is also.

 with the expectations and is also alive on expectations. "Your mind should never come to this idea, it will not happen to me, If you do not, then you will learn how to learn new things. Learn To Make Toppers

5. "It is better to be successful by not adopting the wrong way.
Failure to work in the right way. 

" Failure gives us new learning. And success comes to us. The foundation of your destination is strong. Which never falls.

  super thought of the day for school assembly tops ten?

9. Is called. A lazy person gets a great deal of education. And those who do not have,

 the knowledge they cannot become their good friends, even wealth is lucky. They do not exist, they have no identity in the world.

(super thought of the day for school assembly tops ten?)

10.  Unless you start doing any work, it will not be complete.

The master can teach you only. How to use it depends on you. If you respect others, you will also get respect.

(super thought of the day for school assembly tops ten?)
11. Always remember one thing life gives you a new opportunity every day.
 If you do not always walk with time, then you will get rust in the same way as iron.
 It is a good thing to ask a teacher. Because it leads you towards the path of 'knowledge'.
If you make a firm determination to do any work, then no one can stop you. 
If you can stop achieving any success, then you are yourself.
One thing that is bound by the 'knot' in your mind, there is nothing 'impossible' in this world.
 Do not 'read' anytime, because there is no limit to knowledge. Click here 👇

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