56 +Power BI Interview Questions & Answers for Experienced

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the important question56 Power BI Interview Questions &Answers

Power BI is a Business Intelligence developed tools by Microsoft in 2020. It combines several bi add-ons of Excel to build the new completely independent tool power BI. 

 This website on BI Interview Questions aims to prepare you for  BI-related job roles in major companies that offer great salaries. 
The demand for professionals skilled in this tool has grown rapidly in recent years. Skim through these popular  BI interview questions & prepare yourself for the power bi job interview:

Q10.  How can we filter data in  BI?

Q9. What exactly is Self-service Power BI?

Q8.  What makes you think that BI would be a great career option?

Q7. what Mention the important features of Power BI.

Q6. question  Is Power BI free to use?

Q5. What are the versions of  BI?

Q4. What is the Power BI Desktop?

Q3. What are the major components of  BI?

Q2. What is the purpose of the ‘Get Data’ icon in BI?

Q1.  What is the difference between Managed Enterprise power BI and Self-service BI?

Q00. Why are you interested in Power BI?
power bi interview questions and answers for experienced

power bi interview questions and answers for experienced

1. you have a power bi model for Sadel data. you need to create a measure to calculate the year- to - date sales and to compare those sales to the previous year for the same period. which DAX function should you use...?

... Answer is B)
you have a power bi model for Sadel data... "Datesytd""

2. you have a power bi dashboard that displays different visualizations of company sales. you enable Q& A on the dashboard. you need to provide users with sample questions that they can ask when using Q&A which setting should you modify from the power bi setting...?

... Answer is C)
you modify from the power bi setting "dataset".

3. you plan to use power bi embedded to deliver to reports in a web application. you need to ensure that the reports display live data which data source you should use...?

... Answer is A)
display live data which data source you should use"Microsoft azure data lake store".

1. how would you add a visual to_ a dashboard in power bi question...?

... Answer is B)
a dashboard in power bi question" embed ""

2. most fitting for estimating execution against an objective which power bi...?

... Answer is D)
most fitting for estimating execution...

3. where do you discover the q and a highlight...?

... Answer is B)
at the highest point of a report in power bi benefit.

1. you have an on-premises power bi report server. you plan to create a report in power bi desktop and to publish the report to the report server which data source should the report use...?

... Answer is B)
a Microsoft SQL server analysis server (SAS) database"

2. you have a power bi report in an app workspace. you plan to embed a report from the app workspace into a line-of-business application by using power bi embedded, which information should you provide to the application developers....? a) the access key and the report id.

... Answer is C)
the app workspace name and the access key......

3. which chat type is best to illustrate comparisons among individual items where there are many individual items..?

... Answer is D)
...where there are many individual items..." column".

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Basic Interview Questions, Power BI

Basic Interview Questions, Power BI

1. What is the difference between & Managed Enterprise power BI and Self-service BI?

Self-service power BI. There are significant differences that separate them. The limitations of Managed Enterprise power BI led to the birth of 

Managed Enterprise power B Self-service BI
which companies ingest and manage their data sources.there is no order in. Here, data flows in from a plethora of sources, & for this reason.

2. to ingest data from any data source, seamlessly, This enables companies. Companies fail to "conduct their business" operations & Companies take in data" from any source in any format.

3. analyze data and power bi collaborate for collecting and valuable insights from it, ''effectively," as they are not able to report, and companies can process data and, consequently.

conduct business operations with ease. power bI....?
With data ingestion & falling into order, There are time constraints and a lack of proper information.

4. Analyzing data is easy, but it is done implicitly and Time constraints are hence alleviated when & it comes to analyzing data.

5. question power bi help companies make the most out of their data sources, Third-party vendors are employed to.

6. associated constraints" are eradicated, leading to budget problems and slow productivity and There is no need for third-party vendors anymore and all.

7. actionable dashboards almost and instantaneously without executing complex programming codes, Complex programming skills are necessary for generating reports Users could generate intuitively

2. What exactly is Self-service Power  BI?...... question...?

 Intelligence (SSBI) is an approach to data analytics, Self-service power BI or Self-service bi Business 

1. "actionable dashboards, almost instantaneously and reporting, a visualization that enables users to generate easy-to-understand, intuitive.

The most striking feature of ( SSBI - power bi ) is the fact that users are not required to be adept at technical.

 expertise when it comes to data reporting.....?

There are two parts too (-"Microsoft SSBI- power bi )Using available filters and data manipulation options.

 they can influence data as per their business needs and further create reports.