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Ever wonder what holds you back from success? Muniba Mazari reveals the surprising answer! the biggest enemy of success! thought of the day  Muniba Mazari Success has a sneaky enemy. Discover it now with Muniba Mazari! intriguing and personal.

We all dream of success, but what if we're fighting ourselves? How you deal with success determines whether you're blessed with it or cursed with it! Anything worthwhile can never be achieved easily because if it comes easily it will go easily with comments or messages. Feeling stuck? This powerful speech by Muniba Mazari might change your life! Remember to pick the intro that best fits your audience and the overall tone of the content.

The Biggest Enemy Of Success! Thought of the day


Who doesn't want to become successful

 we all want to thrive for excellence we want to excel we want to grow we want to flourish in life but here's the thing how you deal with success determines whether you're blessed with success or cursed with success in order to ensure the longevity of success it's so important for us to identify the factors which can hamper our self-growth and success being successful is very important.

how do make that success sustainable that's 

the real deal in this video I'm going to share the major enemies of success with all of you the biggest enemy of success is the comfort zone it's when people feel comfortable with who they are and what they're doing it's right he said the comfort zone is a good place to be but nothing ever grows there sometimes the majority of us find reasons not to change knowing that change is not always negative sometimes it's very positive.

we are scared of change

We stick around in our comfort zones but here is the thing remind yourself at that moment that your real life begins at the end of your comfort zone so please do not let your comfort zone hamper your growth and your success the second biggest enemy of success is learned helplessness.

 When people tend to believe that they can't do anything

That they're not good enough that they are not worthy of becoming successful don't ever do that because your words become your reality this learned helplessness comes with the fear of failure we don't want to fail so we don't try and we say that you know what we are okay where.

 We are and we are not willing to do anything because.

we feel helpless at that moment remind ourselves that failure never comes alone it comes with a gift and that gift is called a lesson third biggest enemy of success is lack of consistency consistent success requires persistence

I have said this many times and I'll say it again

Even your biggest enemy is not scared of your success your enemy is concerned with your consistency, so be consistent, be consistent in your intentions

be consistent in your hard work, 

because the harder you work the luckier you get anything worthwhile can never be achieved easily because if it comes easy it will go easy so if you truly want to ensure that the success that you have is consistent you gotta be persistent in foreign.

Life is Full With Trials and Tests - Muniba Mazari

We always expect ease from life, we have this amazing fantasy about life this is how things should work this is my plan it should go as per my plan if that doesn't happen.

We give up so my dear friends let me tell you one thing I never wanted to be in, a wheelchair never thought of being in a wheelchair was always aspiring to do bigger things.

Had no idea that for that I have to pay the price to be where I am today it's a very heavy price, this life is a test and a trial, and tests our trials are never supposed to be easy.

When you are expecting ease from life and life gives you lemons then you make the lemonade, and then do not blame life for that because you were expecting ease from a trial trials make you a stronger better person life is a trial every time you realize that.

Muniba Mazari: Change The Way You Think

My son his name is Niall he loves football and when we got his very first football he was four years old, he was super excited I still remember it.

When he came into the room, he said Mom let's play football, and kept the ball in my feet and he said let's kick it, that day, I felt disabled, I said, I cannot kick the ball and, I was down with

The same face he looked at me, and he said well that's all right your legs are not working but your hands tooled to play catch the ball you know that day he made me realize that when you think your glass is half empty come on your glass is half full it's all in here and here.

Best Motivational Words-  Incredible You -Muniba Mazari 

I believe in the power of words many people speak before they think but I know the value of words the words can make or break you they can heal your soul. 

they can damage you forever so I always try to use positive words in my life wherever I go they call it adversity I call it the opportunity 

they call it weakness I call it strength they call me disabled I call myself differently able they see my disability.

They see my disability I see my ability. some incidents happen in your life and those incidents are so strong that they change your DNA

Those incidents or accidents are so strong that they break you physically they deform your body but they transform your soul.

Change The Way You Think- Muniba Mazari 

my son his name is Niall I learned something from this kid the first and foremost thing is patience how to be patient when you know that your mother cannot walk

when you know that your mother is different from the other women when you know that your mother cannot go out and play with you how to stay calm he loves football and when we got 

the very first football he was four years old he was super excited I still remember he came in the room and said Mom let's play football he kept the ball in my feet and said let's kick

That day I felt disabled and said, I could not kick the ball, and I was down with the same face he looked at me, and he said well that's all right your legs are not working, but your hands do let's play catch the ball.

Muniba Mazari Inspirational Words  Incredible You

Can make people smile which keeps me going. Words from the heart

You work hard you make money you do it for yourself that's not life, you go out you seek for people who need your help.

You make their lives, lives you become that sponge, which can absorb all the negativity, and you become that person who can emit beautiful positive Vibes and when you realize that you have changed someone's life and because of you this person didn't give up that is the day when you live.

I always we were talking about gratitude why do I smile all the time I cry all night when nobody sees me because I'm a human and I have to keep balance, and I smile all day because, I know that, if I will smile I can make people smile that keeps me going.

Be grateful for what you have and you will always, always end up having more but if you cry, and if you'll for the little things that you don't have or the things that you have lost you will never, ever have enough Sometimes, We are too busy thinking about the things that we do have that we forget to cherish.

The blessings that we have I'm not saying that I'm not healthy and that makes me unlucky but yes it is hard, it is hard when I say that I can not walk it is hard to say when I wear this bag it hurts but I have to keep going because never giving up is the way to giveaways.

3 types of People in Your Life Thought of The Day | Muniba Mazari

Time is a beautiful teacher it filters out the extras from your life including people being in wheelchairs in 12 years I've met three categories of people.

 Number one 

The category is of the people who see you in misery in pain and they back off they're like we are gone we can't handle respect them for their honesty then there is another 

 Number two

 Category of the people who are not, there with you they just want to cling on, with you all the time they're so weak that they try to stay in your shadow liberate yourself from those people because they are toxic to you don't let them cling on to you because they're not there to help you liberate them liberate yourself and then there is the 

 Number third 

The category is these beautiful people who are so selfless that when they see you in pain they stand, next to you they've got your back they don't share the limelight they are just there for you these are your people who value them, so yes there are three categories of people try to surround yourself with those who are real and you'll feel real.

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