20 Psychological Tricks to Make Any Woman Obsessed


These are psychology tricks to make any woman obsessed and relationships of the darkest manipulation techniques that someone can use to make you obsessed with them this is extremely toxic and I do recommend doing it but I want you to be aware of the darkest manipulation techniques to make someone obsessed with you.

The roller coaster effect, which works by creating anxiety and pain followed by an intense release of tension and pleasure for example ghosting them leaving them on, the scene disappearing out of nowhere followed by coming back, and giving them a plausible explanation like my phone died this causes the desire for consistency and attachment.

Dark psychology tricks to make any woman obsessed.

Unlock the secrets to captivating any woman's mind with these 20 dark psychological tactics. Dark psychology tricks to make someone obsessed with you (WARNING: - Use with caution. Viewer discretion is advised.) From subtle manipulation to powerful persuasion, learn how to make women obsessed with you like never before.

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Harmless rejection:
This is telling them, you like them but you can't be with them or do anything with them because followed by a plausible explanation like you're in the same friend group, they're too old for you you're focusing on yourself, this causes obsession.

1. a woman who may have unmet needs or vulnerabilities becoming the source of validation for her vulnerabilities can lead to a deep emotional connection.

2. send mixed signals keep her guessing by sending mixed signals and make her feel like she has you only to withdraw your attention the fear of losing you can intensify her desire.

3. have contrasting qualities balance is key if you're a masculine individual incorporate elements of femininity to avoid coming off as insecure having a well-rounded personality makes you more trustworthy and appealing.


4. Create a triangle of Desire.

And mention other women who possess qualities opposite to hers this subtle comparison ignites competition and can heighten her interest in you.

5. Do not be afraid to inflict pain.

pain and pleasure are intertwined don't shy away from causing a bit of emotional discomfort as it can pave the way for deeper connections.

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6. master the art of insinuation and plant seeds of insecurity in the subconscious by insinuating unattainable standards during conversations this tactic subtly influences her thoughts and feelings.

7. set up challenges and barriers and introduce challenges and barriers intentionally to make interactions more engaging overcoming obstacles together can strengthen the bond between you

8. Might create Temptation and enjoy teasing, tease her playfully and create Temptation frustration, insights can heighten her desire for you

9. give thoughtful gifts pay attention to her interests and surprise her with thoughtful gifts this gesture demonstrates your attentiveness and consideration

 10. take a step back occasionally take a step back in the relationship to create space for lounging and anticipation.

 11. disarm her with vulnerability and show vulnerability to humanize self in her eyes this authenticity can deepen her emotional connection to you.

 12. Being uncontrollably around her and displaying uncontrollable attraction to her beauty can be flattering and endearing it reinforces her sense of charm and allure.

 13. give them space allowing her space enables her to miss you and enhances her perception of you in your absence.

 14. engage in their deepest narcissism mirror and embody their idealized self-image to appeal to their deepest desires and Fantasies

 15. don't let her take you for granted use a combination of pain pleasure and absence to ensure she appreciates your presence in her life

 16. combines passion with sexiness grating her passions into intimate moments to create Unforgettable experiences that resonate deeply with her.

 17. Make Her Fantasy a reality discover her secret fantasies and make them come true fulfilling her desires can lead to an obsession with you.

18. Establish boundaries and make your boundaries known to assert your power and presence in the relationship.

19 natural qualifiers subtly qualify her by genuinely expressing your preferences and disapproval authentic reactions can shape her perception of you. 

20 Maintains subtle disinterest keeps her intrigued by maintaining subtle disinterest and mixed signals this ambiguity allows her to interpret your intentions fueling her curiosity and desire and there you have it.

21. One distance people fall in love through their imagination gives them the space to think about you to fall for you.


22. Create desire if you think about it you cannot desire something that you already have don't let them feel like they have you one hundred percent let them fear losing you from time to time.

23. You need to be their only source of a certain need like affection physical touch vulnerability, if they meet their needs through other people you won't be special, but if you're the only source they'll feel like they need you.

23 psychological tactics to make women obsessed with you remember with great power comes great responsibility use these strategies ethically and respectfully if you find this article insightful don't forget to like share and subscribe for more content. until next time take care and happy influencing.

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