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learn from your mistake's meaning: In the last campaign, I received thousands of emails from happy clients who would write to me about how happy they were with their product, in the end, we think that failure, or at least we hear so much about how failure should be inspiring was so fixated on the fact that I had to close down.

nobody really talks about that process of how you get there, the company that I had wiped away all these years of hard work and accomplishments failure can be inspiring and it can lead to bigger and better things.

 how do you get through a failure how to do it.

you own it I've put together a basic guideline of three basic guidelines of how y can get through a failure. own up to one so that you can fail a little more elegantly than I have,  in my case, it's in working for my company. can be applied to anything whether it's a relationship or whatever personal issue that you're struggling with or failing at...

How to Learn From Your Mistakes


whenever someone has a problem. (learning from mistakes)

they always question why did this happen to me how I get out of this situation why is this my lucky if they are the first person to ever have this problem I feel for you problems suck I've had my fair share of problems in my life but I have a wake-up call for you you are not special no matter how bad...

The situation is you're in debt.
you fail a class gets fired from your job get divorced somebody else has been there before and that's a good thing it's good because that means a solution already exists you're just not looking in the right places for it. 

Own the number of your mistakes

 one is responsible I know how boring this sounds.

trust me I'm going to try and make it interesting when we make mistakes or when things go awfully wrong our first instinct is usually to blame somebody else and not take full responsibility I see this happen a lot in relationships.

 not taking the blame doesn't make us look any cooler, just either makes us look like cowards.

 it makes us look like we're in total denial as much as I really wanted to blame the Italian tax system for being the reason why had to close my company down I'm not going to do that I'm still trying not to do that but if you're not going to make a mistake and finally admit to it and understand.

 how and where you made the mistake.
then what's the point and failing at all I am Who.

 I am and where I am today thanks to the consequences of my choices and my choices only nobody else's if we're going to be responsible for our success for our goals and for our ideals and our dreams we're going to have to be responsible for our failures so that one day we can truly be responsible for our successes.

focus on you I can't tell you how much time I've wasted.


worrying about what other people thought.
 of me I can't when I'm not thinking about what other people are thinking about me I'm comparing my life to other people in our generation especially since we're constantly bombarded and flooded by images.

completely unrealistic lifestyles on social media my life look, incredible on Instagram, Twitter Facebook, but promise you it's completely far from it I have normal ups and downs just like everybody else's I just choose not to show it on social media. because I'm like a ghost. I didn't take a selfie and post it.


was the day that I was crying at my accountant's desk. I took a selfie one day when I was walking home it started pouring down rain on me I was carrying these heavy bottles of water alone until I finally.

 got in front of my house and I was locked outside.
I'm under the pouring rain with my bottles of water locked out of my house but you know what I posted that moment I posted this picture donut worry. about what other people are doing focus on your focus on the quality of your hard work and on your journey do not waste your time looking at what other people are doing because it's not reality.

 balance I had to find the balance within me where.
e I was judging myself so harshly that I felt like a loser but I wasn't recognizing all my hard work and accomplishments but also had to take the right amount of responsibility.

 understand how and where I went wrong I had to find that balance.

meet me in the middle because only through balance do you truly get clarity and only through clarity do you really understand where the message is and you learned something I was someone that was obsessed with the idea of success

 success is not some magical land at the end. 

Of the rainbow in the same way that failure isn't black and white life is truly 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to its loss can be inspiring yes it can lead us to bigger and better things but the only accurate way we get there is if we learn something and if we own up to our failures thank you.


thinking with emotions panic fear discontent that's what you feel in the moment.

the answer's that you're thinking with your emotions panic fear discontent that's what you feel in the moment but it's not how you feel when you solve a problem you need to detach your emotions from the problem and then start researching there is always a way out if it's a money problem there are ways to find money or make money if you feel an interview or a test.

there will be another opportunity you have to be able to let go. you can't hold grudges against people.

 learn from your mistakes and move on: you especially can't hold grudges with yourself beat yourself up or do something negative that has already been done it's nonsense there's no way to change the past once you have a time machine but I have yet to find one of those now when you forget you forget the emotion.

the mistake but you don't forget the lesson because every mistake is a lesson.

 learn from your mistakes meaning: the bigger the cost the bigger the lesson I read a business consulting book a while back and in the book, the author wrote about time and someone asked him if they would be a good employee who made a one-time mistake that cost the company thousands of dollars he responded no why would I fire him I just spent ten-thousand dollars training him some mistakes are expensive and you'll just have to live with that but I can guarantee you.

Businesses make mistakes all the time.
learning from mistakes at work: The important part is to learn from them and prevent them from happening again. we go over all the learning from mistakes made at work. The problem with businesses is that they often make the same mistake over and over again. This is particularly common in small businesses, where several teams are working in parallel.

It's about recognizing, understanding, and owning your mistakes. 

Hindsight would be a wonderful thing to save those mistakes from happening, Mistakes happen, we know everyone makes them, and we are only human and in general, are fallible to protect us from embarrassment and the sinking feeling in the pit of our stomachs. There are many articles by business authors online advising how and what mistakes to avoid when starting up.

no one is there to take note of what has been done, and how it has been done.

This is why it is essential to use the information from past mistakes to better prepare for the future. because it is essential to have a system in place to track, the mistakes of the past so that they are not repeated in the future. Such a system will also help you identify the processes that need to be improved.

 if you make a $10,000mistake like our friend in.
 the anecdote there you won't make it again there are some things in life that are under your control and there are some things that just aren't for the things that aren't under control just let them run their course you know I rarely argue with people you know why because you're not going to change their minds especially.

 if they're set in their ways I let them talk out their anger or discontent.

Do you know what's even better than learning from your mistakes and not making them in the first place I'm careful about almost everything in my life I'm careful about the types of people I surround myself with I'm careful about what I spend money on because sometimes these things lead to problems they seem?

like small problems at first.
they can quickly escalate to big problems you'll figure it out I just hope you have a chance to learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others that came before you as you were learning from your mistakes...


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