Facts for kids: 10 fantastic facts that will blow their mind

 Facts for kids: 10 fantastic facts that will blow their mind

Fun Facts For Kids This is a fun-filled lesson all about tornadoes for kids! See real tornadoes from giant thunderstorms and kids learn everything you need to know about these amazing storms!

10 Great Fun Facts For Kids  Fun FactsThink you know the tornado facts from this article Check out my Tornado quiz on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Hey Guys, its Mr. Demaio! and Today Im going to talk to you aboutTornados? CUT!

 it's pronounced Tornado!nah man They're Called Tournedos Pretty Sure its Called Tornadoes,

 well, I wish I saw one of those in my life how about show you? No that's got my name, not what she Said World Peace Lost your KeysOr be allergic to Bees I really.

 can't hear what is youre Saying Stop Yelling at me think, We get the point so now that you've seen

 [01] tornado I think it's about time that we learn about?[Ananda] [Econo] System Mr... Cheese When Omaha see what is it now Pilgrim your Conscience?

  his Name is JohnsonAnd his Name is Johnson, [oh]? Man Watch A stop [Mouse] Just spin it Around yeah but you,

 were Gonna Destroy my school well I was only Gonna do it a little bit doesn't Matter Dude why.

 were you Spinning Anyway and Well Im a tornado man that's Kind of Just what I do? 

Birds Chirp and Cows go Moo toilets Flush and tornadoes Just Destroy everything.

Fun Facts For Kids- Hobbies

 Their Path man that's Just me being Me don't you have any other Hobbies Like Cooking or CleaningOr like Paper mache or something,

 well, [Id] kind of like [to] dance Sometimes [oh] There you goats A start Ill tell you what if You talk to me for a little bit and answer some of my questions dance.

 With you [Ill] argue Just the bowl of Little Little bit The Cereal some things you knowWhat go Ahead ask me some Questions okay? 

Well, First off whats the Tornado well Tornado is a rapidly rotating? The column of Air That Forms Inside of A storm and Extends to the ground.

  when it touches the Ground Were Capable of Causing A ton of damage to People to land and Property and Stuff.

 A big Cloud that Comes to the ground and spins [it] doesn't sound so scary Sure when were Just Talking About.

 it may does not seem like much but tornadoes Can Reach Speeds up to 300 Miles Per Hour Look to imagine how fast that Is Next Time Youre in A car.

Fun Facts For Kids- Riding 

With your Parents and youre Riding Down the Street and him Still [Times] [in] [Twenty] [five] Mile per Hour Speed LimitCarefully Roll Down.

 The Window and FeelIts pretty Strong right now imagine That Times 12 and that would be the wind speed of a really Strong TornadoCould you imagine.

 That Lasting for 20 Minutes or Sowell I take it back man that sounds Horrible [but] [Are] all Tornadoes like that no not ReallyMost Tornadoes Reach Speeds of Abou.

t 100 Miles Per Hour but trust me, man, even That Could be Really Dangerous [I] can imagine.

  What even Causes a tornado I cant Just be Spinning Because one Time ISpun in A circle for ten Minutes and all I do is [throw] up my moms chicken Barn,

 JohnOkay, that's just weird but it is not Just the Spinning that Causes the Tornado [in] fact scientists Still don't have Tornadoes.

 Completely Figured Out but They do Think that most Tornadoes are Actually Formed Inside of Thunderstorms Whoa Slow DownTornado Im, not Exactly.

 the biggest Fan [of] Thunderstorms one Time I went Outside in One I just Throw up my moms chicken Parmesanokay,

Fun Facts For Kids -  Chicken Parmesan 

you, need to stop Talking About Chicken Parmesan AnywayTornadoes Form From Thunderstorms, but not Just Any Thunderstorms Tornadoes Come from Especially.

 large thunderstorm Called super Sale [wow] ASupercell is A large [tower] and Thunderstorm that has Deep Rising Air and Could sometimes.

 Feature Strong WindsHale and bright light here Take a lookit what were We talking about chicken Parmesan, [We] were Talking about Tornadoes?

 He's the Tomato [what] no I didn't, well Somebody did me was a Birder Chicken Parmesan AnywayTornadoes Need very Specific Conditions in.

 Fun Facts For Kids- scientists

 Order to Form so scientists Keep an eye out for these specific conditions to Know When A tornado was Gonna Happenoh Is there Anything I should be on the Lookout for to See.

 if Like a tornado is going to come well as I mentioned Earlier A big rotating Storm Is the first Clue to know.

 if There's gonna be a Tornado [why]I was in A thunderstorm last Week and I didn't See a tornadoWell its not Just Thunderstorms That Tornados need Us?

 Also need warm Rising Air Which Usually happens during a storm Anyway alright warm Rising hair got.

 it whatAll Right Now I said warm Rising air yeah Anyhow when that warm Air Starts to rising [A]?

 Strong Cold Wind blows and twists the Rising Air Into a Whirlwind Which develops Into a tornado[wow] man I wish I could see one of those in.

 Fun Facts For Kids -life 

 my life what do you mean you [Wanna] save one Youve [Been] Talking to me for like ten Minutes man Im a tornado [Wait]Youre A tornado, [oh] yeah [this] whole Time

 I thought you were my neighbor crusty FaceWait youre Telling me you have a neighbor named Crusty face See we both Learn something Today.

 so there you have it KidsTornadoes Or Giant Clouds That look like ice Cream Cones [The] end no way I couldn't be further from an Ice-Cream cone man Im?

 Dangerous in Fact Tornadoes Caused About400 Million Dollars in damages each Year yeah but Im in New [Jersey] it's not like There are Tornadoes.

 Here or Anything Wrong again Mr... Chicken Parmesan Tornadoes Have Been Seen in Every.

 State in the United States here Take a look at this Map [is] Pretty Easy to Figure out but in Case of youre Confused[The] Red Orange.

  Yellow Spots Show Where the most TornadoesOccur and the green Spots Show were the fewest Occur I? 

Told you Tornadoes Were in Every State, well I guess Im Moving to CanadaWell There's Tornadoes There To Africa yep They're Team Europe?

 Well, They're ten What About Africa then you Just Say That One Already wasn't me Must've Been A bird something? 

Chicken Parmesan [I]Hate to break it to you Mr. [demaio] but Tornadoes Have Been Spotted on Every Continent except for Antarctica.

 Fun Facts For Kids- Good thing

Well, Good thing my mom got me A Jacket for Christmas Cuz your Boyes moving to?

 Antarctica Huh good luck [you] know what Tornado youre Not A bad Guy you [Can] do Anything in.

 the World and all you do is Destroy things, yeah Now Tell me About hey Is there Anything.

 you want to do besides Destroy everything in your PathWell as you Said Earlier.

 if I answer some of your [Questions] you said you [danced] with me well what are We Waiting for [lets]? do it Five Hours Later 40 Years Later 100 Years Laterno my

10 Great Fun Facts For Kids General knowledge  Speakers

1)- the sound of a human snore can be louder than a drilling machine?

2)- just like your fingerprint, your tongue print is also unique?

 3)- Did you know that our brain can generate enough electricity to light a small bulb?

 4)- you know that a small nail can be made from the iron present in your body?

5)- an adult human body is made up of about 70% water?

6)- the hair present on a human head can lift a weight of 12 tonnes?

 7)-Do your eyes automatically close while sneezing?

8)- every 12th person in this world is color blind? 

9)- we can produce heat by shivering? Its interesting fact time. Are you confused?

10)- if you continuously scream for about, 8 years?  you will have produced, enough sound energy to heat a cup of coffee? 

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