Facts [70 ] about humans and human behavior that will simply ...

 Facts [70 ] about humans and human behavior that will simply ...

 facts about human behavior 5-minute crafts for all the crafts tutorials & human facts related  You can also read psychology facts about dreams, but learning new about shocking facts, amazing facts about humans, etc. Facts about Human Feelings: amazing article Don't forget to read.

Learning is a treasure that will follow it's owner everywhere -There are things about humans and their behavior that still manage to amaze the most famous of psychologists and stun them - There's such a ... human behavior here is most life powerful.

psychological facts about human emotional

psychological effects that affect you almost every day. read the post till the end to understand why we always want something that is impossible to achieve and why we act one way or another.

Twelve proven facts about humans you never knew, before learning something new about ourselves is always.

 fascinating ever wondered why we behave in certain scenarios or do things in a certain way? It's amazing to know that our minds behave uniquely, but at the same time functions similarly.

interesting psychology facts about human behavior

 Here are the 12 proven psychological facts that will really surprise you and help in understanding others' Check out.

 12. Its a totally incredible very last person on your mind.
 before you fall asleep is either. psychological behavior facts

 the reason for your happiness or your pain if you announce your goals in front of others youre less likely to succeed Studies have revealed that you lose motivation10the more.

 you spend on others the happier you feel our favorite song is your favorite because you associate an emotional event with itSmarter people underestimate themselves,

 but on the other hand, ignorant people think that they are brilliant People between the ages of 18 and 33 are the most stressed.

 persons in the world after the age of 33stress level tends to decrease our hearts have nothing to do.
amazing facts about human psychology

facts about human behavior

 with the feeling of being in love, it is only a chemical reaction of the brain only spent on experiences that will always hold greater value to you convincing yourself that you slept.

 well tricks your brain into thinking that it actually did 90 percent of people text things they can say in person Some of us are actually afraid of being too happy because of.

 the fear that something tragic might happen nextIts now hundred percent psychologically proven that it takes only four minutes to fall in love.

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top 10  psychological effects that affect your behavior. 

Sometimes we do something weird, and then think, What was the logic of my behavior? Was it there? In fact, there's always some logic, but most often it hides in certain peculiarities of your mind.

[10] - the anchoring effect.
 People feel it is much easier to evaluate something if they have the original price (even if it is wrong) as kind of an anchor. Its often used by stores.

 For example, You wouldn't buy a blouse for $300 in your right mind. However, if you see it originally cost$1000 youll think its a sin to miss such a great deal, even though the initial price might be invented.

 [09] - deflection to the result.
 Often judge the correctness of a decision by the final result, not by the actions taken to achieve it.

 This effect is often used by you those ads which and concentrate you only on the final result (for example: on buying). So if youre using a brand-new Phone, you cannot claim that the decision to spend all your money on it was right.

[08] - the paradox of choice. 
psychological facts about human behavior The paradox of choice says that the more options there are, the less possibility well be happy with our final choice. Keep in mind that sometimes you buy something.

 then regret it because you could have bought it in the sale or you could have found another model. Even if the final decision is the best, we can stay unhappy because the choice was too big. 

[07] - clustering illusion. 
This illusion is characterized by the tendency to see a certain system in random coincidences. This especially applies to gamblers lovers of fate signs. 

Both of them can wrongly interpret events. Don't wind yourself up, okay? 

[06] - pratfall effect.facts about humans behavior

Imagine a couple walking down the street, one of them suddenly hits a pole. It's unlikely the other one will think, What an idiot! On the contrary, the first one will seem even sweeter.

 Its because perfection is repulsive, and mistakes are attractive: they make us more human. That's why you shouldn't get too, and upset having stumbled in front of anyone. 

[05] - the Kuleshov effect. 

The effect when a viewer, after seeing two unrelated frames, unconsciously, in fact, makes up a logical connection and between them is called the Kuleshov effect.

 Kuleshov created a short film in which a man's facial expression was alternated with various shots. The audience thought that his facial expression was different each time,

 depending on whether he was looking at a plate of soup, a dead girl, or a woman on a sofa. However, his face was the same all the time.

 This effect is successfully used not only among cinematographers among marketers, instilling in you certain associations with a certain product or character.

[04] - body negative is a condition where a person thinks they're ugly, and this is why their personal life is a fail.  their whole life is a fail. Most often such people are attractive, and the problem is more about self-esteem than real flaws.

[03] - survivorship bias.  facts about humans behavior

Most often we judge a situation only by successful people (survivors), and that's why we know just one side of it.

 For example, we envy a businessperson who got rich selling Bengal lights, but we don't know how many businesspeople failed with them. You should always try to look at things from different angles. 

[02] - hard-to-reach effect. 

Roughly speaking, and this is the phenomenon telling that the hard-to-reach is always and more desirable. Even if we look at it from a human level: 

closed, high-status No-one-knows-whats-on-their-mind people always seem more attractive than others.

[01] - the fear of beauty. 

Did you notice that ordinary people are less likely to sit down next to beautiful people (for example, on public transport)? They do it only if there are no other seats left.

 Some people feel excessive, and tension next to beautiful people. Excitement, double control of one's actions, and the desire to save face, and the fear of comparison.

 Such stress doesn't arise and next to an average person. Do you know any interesting and psychological tricks that help in communicating but with anyone? Share them in the comments.

10 Psychological Facts about Human Feelings

amazing video 

Are you curious about brain psychology facts related to human feelings?[ your life ] Did you know that, and how we feel affects how we think and vice versa? In this video, we cover some of your psychology facts that thinking. you may not already know about it.


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