What are 10 interesting facts about New 2022

What are 10 interesting facts about New Jersey? Hidden

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 interesting facts about New 

  • Learn the history of New Jersey through hidden 10  interesting facts. 
  • Discover what it means to be from New Jersey, and learn.
  • why New Jersey is a great place to buy Gold and Silver Coins, Rounds, and Bars.
  •  Happy New Jersey! I together mixed with  with a per capita ... New Jersey's proximity to.

  •  the metropolitan giants of New York City and Philadelphia greatly influence its wealth.
  •  hidden  A vast majority of the state consists ...New Jersey is one of.

What are 10 interesting facts about New

  •  10  interesting facts about New Jersey? Hidden  2022 has the most diners in the world.

New jersey has 21 counties touching the north Atlantic Ocean That is me new jersey Is in.

the east of the USB ordering new York Pennsylvania and Delaware we are the best welcome to a Tlantic In.
 New Jerseys Southeast and Bergen County On the tip of the Northeast as you can see Burlington counties.
 The 2nd largest in New Jersey state Camden county Borders Pennsylvania its great ape May is New Jerseys Most southern

 tip While Cumberland touches Delaware Bay come to take a di Essex is a very very common county name Gloucester county borders.

 the Delaware River you see in the frame Hudson County lines the Hudson River Bordering.

 New York hunterdon County is beautiful You may even see a stork Mercer County Has.

 New Jersey's capital is named trenton midd, and less is across from Staten Island I probably should mention new Jersey Has 21 counties touching

 the North Atlantic Ocean That is me New Jersey Is in the East of the USB ordering

 New York Pennsylvania and Delaware We are the best Monmouth are lining.

 the Sandy Hook Bay While and  Morris County is landlocked In the northern part of 

this state Id say Ocean County's and  the largest by square miles stretching to

 the North Atlantic Passaic Counties in the North touching New York state but is not gigantic Salem is the county you are seeing.

 now Somerset is the only other landlocked county here you may see a cow Sussex county has a lot of water if you swim Union counties across

 the Arthur Kill From Staten and Islands Northern rim and Warren County on the Northwest side of this amazing state

New Jersey became the US State in 1787My capital and Trenton is a slice of heaven

latest - This guy has the best job in New Jersey

Pete Genovese, featured food writer for The Star-Ledger, might have the best job in New Jersey.

Time to eat nothing like pizza for breakfast. I'm Pete Genovese and I have the best job in the world.

 The best! My job is to eat. That's it. That's it. I get paid to eatYeah I know, tough job, someone has to do it.

 Not a day passes where someone emails me especially on Twitter you have the best job in New Jersey or you have the best job in the world.

I've been to probably, more, I know, more than a thousand different pizzerias in 

New Jerseys I've been around and when it comes to pizza I will leave no......sauce unturned. 

On to the next stop.More pizza in my future. So this is stop number two, um, beautiful downtown Jamesburg. I'm hangry.

 I love this sign. I get a lot of suggestions. Email. And also and, especially

 Twitter and I'll say ok today I'm going I'm doing something on old school.

 pizzerias or pizzerias you've never heard of where should I go. And I'll get pretty much all

 the stops today are suggested by readers. 

I would love that job, you want to get me one too?
 Yeah, we can work with you.

 What did I order? The hombre.If I had his job Id weigh 950 pounds. 

People actually ask me so do you eat a whole pizza and every stop? Are you serious?

 I'd is in the hospital every once in a while somebody says

 how come you don't weigh 400 pounds. 
Here's my secret, ready for it? Don't finish everything on your Plateits that simple.

 It's always this food adventuring it takes me to places I haven't been to.

 You know towns I haven't been to, roads I haven't been to. It has its moments, the eating is the easy partaking photos,

 writing the story, that's sort of the easy parts of the driving. Sometimes long hours but mostly driving.

 You will live long and eat lots of pizza. I mean pretty much anything in fair play from ribs wings,

 fried chicken barbeque you know the common things pizza, you know best ice cream,

 burgers there's like 250,000 miles worth of crumbs under this seat.

 Do you want my job? You cant have it? My day is done, more eating tomorrow. See ya Jersey.

  •  the 50th in the country and the first in the Garden State. Across the river from.

  •  New York's most valuable zip code in Alpine, that median Maken costs about $ 1.8 to 1. 15 million. At a considerable price,

  •  the buyer is. There are six-plus bedrooms and bathrooms as well as a media room.
  •  Many fireplaces have a multi-national garage.

  • New York's outdoor pools can approximate large spacious homes. 

  • 2. What is the value of fact homes in Alpine?

  • In Alpine, the average home selling price is $ 1.10 million, but you can easily spend too much.
  •  One of the pricier homes in the Alpine market is listed for $ 25 million.
  •  The house is 25,000 square feet. It has seven bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.
  •  as well as a pool house, gazebo, and resistance current pool. And sits on a two-acre gated lot.

  • 3. New Jersey is a peninsula. New Jersey 'America is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. 
  • The Atlantic city is a fun place in New Jersey. It has the longest boardwalk in the world.

  • 4. Newark Liberty is bordered on the north and east by New York State.
  •  The International Airport is the busiest in the nation. That is viewable.

  • 5. Pulaski Skyway is a four-lane bridge in the northeastern part. 
  • It was now the first skyway built. Skyway opened first, it did five lanes; Center one was seen as a broken lane
New Jersey interesting facts  Hoboken

  • 6. The first baseball game was played in Hoboken, New Jersey. Restaurants make it your best Hoboken tourism resource.

  •  Hoboken Tourism: TripAdvisor has 13,763 reviews of Hoboken Hotels, Worth Seeing Attractions.

  • 7. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island is actually in New Jersey.
  •  Brand new statue construction. Liberty Museum When this new museum opens.
  •  it will be the largest monument to Liberty Island since the Statue. 

  • This fall, the next step in the great legacy of Lady Liberty was declared Statue of Liberty Museum?

  • 8. Union City, New Jersey has more - Cubans than Havana, Cuba.

  • New Jersey has continued to attract many industries, particularly corporate headquarters. 

  • Has held an effective New Jersey marketing program for the industry.

  • 9. The first medical center was opened in Jersey City, New Jersey. The formal dedication of the Jersey City Medical Center Complex on October 2, 1936, Franklin D.

  • Roosevelt did with dedicating the building. Jersey City Medical Center was.

10. Jersey City Medical Center-about New Jersey

  • Jersey City Medical Center is one of only 401 hospitals in the US to earn the Magnet designation for nursing.
  •  excellence, and the only hospital in Hudson County to have received the designation multiple times.
  •  These achievements are (among others) only partially given that Jersey City Medical Center.
  •  has the distinction of receiving an "A" National Safety Rating from the Leapfrog Group since the program's inception in 2012. 
11. New Jersey facts about spoons- interesting fact
  • Patterson's Lambert Castle Museum is home to the New Jersey One Spoon Exhibition with over 5,400 spoons in every state and almost every country in the world.
  •  Some well-known individuals attended Princeton University, including Aaron Burr.
  •  David Duchovny, Donald 'Rumsfeld, Charles Schwab, facts Brooke Shields, and Woodrow Wilson.