20+ Sneaky Things Most Women Don't Know About Men


When it comes to men most things women don't know about men think they know everything there is to know about men, however, Things women will never understand about men; He wants to be appreciated, too. He's genuinely worried about what his guy friends think ... They opened up about cute things like the fact that men really do enjoy hugs and compliments.

When you really take a closer look at the facts there are quite a few surprising things about men that most women just don't understand, this article read we will be taking a look at.

Lesser-known facts about men By understanding some of these surprising truths you can gain a deeper insight into the opposite sex, and better understand, and also broached practical topics like the need to ... (psychological facts about love)

 Sneaky Things Women Don't Know About Men 

Why do they do the things they do whether you're looking to better understand your partner or simply want to quench your thirst for knowledge these facts are sure to surprise you if you are excited and let's start.

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1. Men feel weird when you talk to your friends about them when Men pretend they don't care what you think or say about them to your friends they're actually just trying to save themselves from feeling embarrassed in reality men do care what you think about them and they get very anxious.

2. When they hear you talking to your friends about them even if it's all positive and if you're in a relationship with him the idea of you sharing intimate details about your relationship with other people makes him feel very uneasy so if you want to keep your man happy it's best to avoid talking about him to your friends at least not in a negative light.

3. His ways of showing love are different than yours did you know that men and women actually show their love in different ways it's true and this often leads to misunderstandings between couples women tend to express their love through words of affirmation.

Quality time on the other hand according to researchers, tends to express their love through acts of service physical touch, and getting gifts so if your man isn't exactly the romantic type don't take it personally it's just the way he shows his love.


4. Men are afraid of rejection more than women most women think That men are confident and secure in themselves but the truth is that men are actually just as afraid of rejection as women are in fact studies have shown that the fear of rejection is actually one of them.

The main reason why men don't approach women they're attracted to is so the next time they see a guy you like don't be afraid to make the first move he might just be too scared to do it himself.

5. Men have a hard time expressing their feelings in relation to the previous point because men are so afraid of rejection that they often have a hard time expressing their feelings.

6. Why you'll often find that men bottle up their emotions.

Refrain from sharing how they're really feeling even with the people closest to them this is because they're afraid of that. if they express their true feelings they'll be seen as weak or vulnerable. 

if you want to get your man to open up to you it's better to create a safe and non-judgmental environment where he feels comfortable expressing himself.

7. Men don't always mean what they say this is a hard pill for many women to swallow but it's true men don't always say what they mean and they don't always mean what they say now this doesn't mean that men are liars it just means that sometimes men say things without really thinking about them first especially.

8. When they're angry or upset. for example, a man might say I hate you during an argument but he does actually mean it he's just saying it in the heat of the moment so don't take everything your man says at face value try to read between the lines and understand his true meaning.

9. Men notice your flaws as much as you do if you think men don't notice your flaws think again men are actually very observant and they notice everything even.

10. The things you think are hidden of course.

this doesn't mean that men are always pointing out your flaws or making you feel bad about yourself it just means that they're aware of them as much as you are.

11. When they fall in love with you they see your flaws as something that makes you even more special and unique so don't be afraid to show your man your imperfections he has already seen them anyway.

12. Men like to be needed if you can balance being independent and still needing your man from time to time, you'll have him wrapped around your finger this is because men like to feel needed and appreciated they want to feel.

Like they're valuable, their presence in your life makes a difference this is rooted in, the male ego, which is why you will often find, that men are more than happy to help, out with things or do things for you as long as they feel needed.

13. Men don't always listen to what you say let's be honest here ladies how many times have you told your mean something only to have him not listen to a word you said? It's frustrating I know but the truth is that men don't always listen to it.

14. What you say even when they are trying their best to do so This is because men are visual creatures and they often think with their eyes instead of their ears so even, if your man is looking in the eye, and nodding his head, while you're talking he might not, be fully listening to what you're saying, or maybe he's just avoiding an argument you will never know.

14. Men can be jealous of other men even if they're not interested in the woman. According to research even, if a man isn't interested in a woman he can still feel jealous of others, men who are now this might sound ridiculous, but it is actually evolutionary this is because back in the caved days.

15. if another man was interested in a woman that a man was attracted to it meant that he would have less chance of impregnating her and passing on his genes, so even though, men have evolved since then this instinct is still, hard-wired into their deaths is why you might find him getting jealous of other, men even if he has no interest in the woman himself.

16. He is insecure about his body too. It's known that most women are insecure about their bodies, but what's not as well-known is that men are insecure about their bodies too. 


17. Research has shown that men are just as likely to be unhappy with their bodies as women are, the difference is that men are less likely to talk about it or show their insecurity so next time you're feeling down about your body, remember that your man is probably feeling the same way.

18. Men don't always understand what women want men are often said to be from Mars, and women from Venus, and this is never truer than when it comes to understanding, what the opposite sex wants men often have no clue.

What women want, and this can lead to a lot of frustration on both sides so instead of letting him play, the guessing game why not just tell him, what you want he'll be more than happy to oblige.

19. He wants to know what you like in bed it's an economist's conception that men only, care about their own pleasure in bed but the truth is that most men actually want to know.

20. What you like in bed to this is.

because men want to please you and they want you to enjoy yourself so next time you're in bed, with your man don't be afraid to speak to him and let him know what you like, he will be more than happy to listen to your needs.

21. Men have a hard time admitting when they're wrong if you've ever had an argument with a man then you'll know that they have a hard time admitting, when they're wrong this is because men are often too proud to admit that they were wrong, about something to their ego and their need to be right all The time so.


22. Next time you're arguing with your man try not to get too frustrated when he won't admit that he's wrong just let him know that it's okay to be wrong sometimes and that you still love him even when he makes mistakes conclusion there you have.

22 Surprising things most women don't know about men.

These facts might be surprising to some, but they will help you better understand male psychology so next time you're feeling frustrated with your man just remember that he's not perfect and that he's doing his best to try to understand you if you have made it this far we really appreciate your support comment down below with the word 100 so we know that you read the entire article to learn more.

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