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Love is one of the most powerful human emotions that binds people of different races, religions, and countries. Ancient people believed that love had magical powers, while today.

 scientists have discovered and explained most of the scientific facts behind love. There are many surprising love scientific facts that will leave you amazed. This article talks about certain scientific facts about love that you might not have heard of.

We all know love is supposed to be one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, but did you know that it can also be one of the most painful feelings in the world? 

This is why we tend to hide our feelings of love for others, and why we do stupid things like trying to impress them by doing stupid stunts. This shows some of the most painful things that can happen to you when you fall in love.

 Did you know facts about true love?


heart rates synchronize, When lovers gaze into each others eyes. love has similar effects on the body as taking cocaine.

Romance isn't dead We find humans, with a different type of immune system to ours more attractive.

Eye contact is all well, better on be careful, gazing into the eyes of a stranger can make fall in love with them, but people speak of 'making eyes' at each other, it turns out 'love at first sight' isn't just a cliche play a role in making people fall for each other, that Danger can. (read more: Facts About Crushes Falling In Love )

Sad Scientific Facts About Love

There’s a reason love is so complicated and indescribable --- it loves thoughts and feelings into eloquent words, love remains a complicated mystery. While poets and science put romantic and sad love. inspirational quotes about love Ready to feel the love Check out.

(A)'' Heartbreak is real!
 intense emotional stress from break-ups, and divorce, losing a loved one releases chemicals that weaken the heart...

 (B)'' known as Broken Heart Syndrome when it,
 which manifests as chest pains shortness of breath it is often misdiagnosed as a heart attack...

(C)'' had butterflies in your stomach while falling for someone? caused by adrenaline the same feeling you might get when you are nervous for other reasons, such as before taking a test...

(D)'' love Eye contact is all well better, but be careful, people speak of 'making eyes at each other, it turns out 'love at first sight isn't just a cliché.  gazing into the eyes of a stranger can make you fall in love with them.

 Psychologists and anthropologists have a lot to say about how and why people fall in love,

 most importantly, and the science behind it all.

 We dug through pages of studies and texts to uncover these surprising. psychological facts about love. is different than love

  Facts About Love, Disaster results when we see women trying to change a man's behavior. love facts about guys

 According to evolutionary biologist Rosie Mestel, what women perceive as bad male behavior 

Women fall in love with sad facts with love, the story, the 'fairy tale especially. 

when the teen and those who don’t get out of that, get hurt. Step by step) Mind-Blowing Facts About Love You Probably Didn't Know

 Sad and depressing facts about love
  •  the most because they don’t fall in love facts with.
  •  the man but the validation, not the man. (lying, cheating, facts ogling other women black) is part of a biologically based prime.
  • love sad facts, Men fall in love with the arousal then love the woman.
  •  If a man doesn’t realize that then he won’t know how to keep.
  •  the fire burning but think like most women, it just happens, like magic.

 Sad Facts About Love You Probably Don't Know ...

Looking at a picture of your loved one can relieve sad pain Heartbreak is real! Falling in love has similar effects on the body as taking cocaine. 
  • The attraction isn’t a choice. It is instant, with what you see and you know nothing about the person even.
  •  if someone is in self-denial and believes they can read someone.
  •  life story love fact and personality from what they see from 10 steps away or when they know them for a week.
  • Love is a choice. It is when attraction and love are gone.
  •  It is based on how long-term decisions cannot happen maturely.
  •  if you haven’t experienced the person in full. (sad scientific facts about love,

 about love, scientific facts sad love sad facts, Man secret is, if he feels safe with the woman, extremely.

  •  compatible and they both see the world together in a similar way. 
  • he will marry her or choose her as his long-term lover. The problem? See 5.
  • When women are attracted to a man and fall in love, their insecurities.
  •  kick in and that’s because the three brains we have in our minds start to work against each other.

facts about love and relationships

  •  It’s here where she wants lots of validation and wants to reassure herself he’s.
  •  the one but does it in the opposite way which makes the man feel unsafe with her. 
  • The more desire she feels for him, the more she messes up which is why.
  •  she creates the drama and that sabotages many relationships, Connects strangers,  love is very powerful.
  •  The more love the couple has, the more chemicals flow from each other to bond them together.

Real facts about love

  •  What keeps them to couple together is high sad life facts compatibility which sadly.
  •  many don’t look for it because of the way attraction works in the brain.
  •  where a person is attracted. first by what they see and not what they, facts know.

Sad facts about love

  • Looks matter for young teen girls. As they get older, looks still matter but now their market.
  •  value has gone down when in their 20, 25, and 30 love sad now also is seen differently.
  •  It’s more of stability but still, some look at instability, assets, and resources a man has.
  • Men are visual. brain Looks matter to men in the beginning. If the man grows without much knowledge.
  •  skill and social equity, i.e. social high network, resources.
Love facts about guys,
  •  assets, and options, he will lower his standard. Confident men are labeled as bad boys.
  •  players when really everyone plays but just in self-denial, will not lower their standards.
  • Contrary to societal programming and mainstream, and people who want to feel.
  •  good about themselves - Bad Boys, in the end, become very successful in dating.
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  •  relationships and even as serial entrepreneurs. I am focusing here not on drug addicts, murderous but lover types of men.
  • love fact, Many women won’t be successful.
  • the lover type because lovers love their freedom, independence, abhor jealousy.
  •  cannot be fixed, controlled, or as some women say, tamed.
  • The person who doesn’t see love as a fairy tale will succeed far more in the relationship than someone who sees it.
  •  love sad facts as a fairy tale because they won’t be as damaged and project fewer insecurities.
  •  than one who is damaged by lots of broken relationships.
  • You cannot have love without trust. No relationship thrives with it and that means you have to be vulnerable.
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